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Non-Emergency Transports

Non-emergency transports can be used for transportation from hospitals, nursing homes, and other specialized treatment centers. These services do not require medical care, however, our emergency medical technicians will be there in case something unexpected shall arise. Be secure knowing that your loved ones will receive the best possible treatment while in our care. 

To schedule a transport, please give us a call at (304) 278-7777. When calling please have the following information available: the patient's name, patient's date of birth, time, date, and location of pickup, the appointment time and transportation destination, as well as any medical complaints and/or special needs that the patients has. 

Basic Life Support 
  • Two EMTs - Emergency Medical Technicians

  • This type of service is needed when a patient is stable, requires no cardiac monitoring, can have a heparin lock and may or may not have oxygen.

Advanced Life Support 
  • A Paramedic and an EMT

  • This type of service is needed when a patient may be on maintenance IV fluid, oxygen and may require cardiac monitoring. They can also transport patients with Foley catheters and limited medications, as well as those requiring advanced cardiac life support.

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